Unfolding Joy

living my dream

Opening a business at 60 isn't the path for most people, I get that. For more than 15 years I have dreamed of creating a place that inspires people to explore art and realize the joy that comes from creating.  A community space that allows conversation, memories, and education to take place. Once that bridges the gap in culture, race, religion, and political view points all things that seem to divide people.  

 There is this lady in San Antonio who own's a cajun restaurant, "Ma Harpers Creole Kitchen". You can find her on facebook or just go there. She opened her business after she was 60, that was 30 years ago.. Yes is over 90 !  When you go there she meets you, talks with you and shares her love for God.  She is hard of hearing, walks with a limp and serves the BEST Gumbo I have ever eaten.. We went to New Orleans last summer to find better.. we didn't..   If her food doesn't inspire you, she will. 

I will be forever in awe of what she has done in this world. 

She inspires me !!

Crafting has been my emotional healing, stability, my joy.  No matter what has happened in my life being able to make something, whether it be pleasing to the eye or not has kept me from dark places and allowed me to hear myself. Not that my life has been horrible but it has been challenging. Art has been that place that I didn't need to be responsible, correct, or stand in judgement. I could just be me! 

I have closed the door to the world and allowed myself to just be many many times.  Over the course of more than 50 years I have experienced many things through art and it is my passion to share this experience,  therapy and joy with others. 

The Unfolding of Joy is now happening I just signed a lease on a TINY space, but to me it is the dream of a life time.  I am living out my dream, it has grown to be a vision and now a reality.  It is a huge vision, beyond my wildest dreams so to speak.  What you are going to witness is me "Unfolding my Joy" through my blog, my store and my story. 

I am not sure how the personal journey of building a large creative reuse business looks. I am learning as we go, and I am going to shout from the roof tops, till the cows come home or whatever it takes to live this. 

Are you up to the ride?  Let's get started!! 


Here is the tiny space, raw and ready.  It is a 10x10 space in a building with several other women entrepreneurs with different kinds of business.  I want it open by the 1st part of March so I have to get going on things.  Getting off the this cloud probally will help. 

I hope you will follow me along on this journey, stop by the store if you are the San Antonio area, Seguin is just North East.  Of course I will tell you more about the town, the people and all that goes on!!  


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