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    The IMPACT PROJECT where Teachers Shop for FREE -

    It is full of materials that are for all types of Teachers

    not just Art.

    Donate or Shop and

    Help us make an impact in both in our homes and our community.


    1381C E. College St.

    Seguin Texas 78155

    Thursday - Saturday 10 am - 5 pm


    Creative people + ReUse Materials = a match made at the heART!

    Our Impact on the Community

    We tackle TWO big issues in our community -


    1. Waste Output by Industry and Individuals is increasing and one time usage is filling the landfill quickly and people are overwhelmed with what to do with materials that no longer serve a purpose in their home.


    2. Affordable materials & resources are needed for our schools and community. Teachers are spending their own personal money to outfit and educate our children.

    Solution - Creative Reuse

    Diverting waste from the landfill and filling the mind field.


    the process of reImagining already manufactured products or materials into new, often artistic or functional items. This practice can included things like upcycing, which is the process of taking something that would otherwise be considered waste and giving it a new value. Creative Reuse can also be seen as a way to reduce waste and promote sustainability.


    Providing a materials redistribution system that will divert artable - usable materials donated by industry and individuals in order to meet the needs of educators, artists and creatives at affordable cost. Increasing the circular economy of materials in our community.


    Connecting Educators to materials at no cost to them and working to help them implement curriculum that enhances creative conservation in the classroom and beyond.


    Participating in community outreach programs that educate the public about the importance of reducing waste through reuse.


    Providing both practical and creative ways to repurpose materials in everyday life.

  • What We Do

    connecting to our community through ART

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    Grow Creativity

    by providing a unique approach to art to Guadalupe County and through out Texas by providing art exploration workshops and events, providing low cost materials to the community and providing Teachers with materials needed in the classroom at no cost to them.

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    Build Community

    by faciliating the exchange of creative reuse ideas and materials along with meaninful contributions to the community through events, workshops and opportunties to promote environmental sustainablity.

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    Encourage Conservation

    by increasing awareness to materials having a purpose beyond the inital manufactured use by accepting materials from both industry and individuals and providing oppurtunites to explore art in different forms.