Ready or Not Clean out your Stash!

ever little bit counts

Waste not Want not is what my father always said, he also told the story about the women who always wanted a dollar and her husband never gave it to her.. most of the time my dad was right.. despite my thoughts. And a few times he was wrong.. dead wrong.. 

What I did learn is how important it was to use what you had, and to make the most of it.  My dad was a depression child, raised in poverty and want. He spent his life making sure that we had what was neccessary, he was not one to buy alot of lavish or expensive, often to a fault.  The balance for him was hard. I am grateful for his lessons, even the hard ones.  Which is why I want to share the abundance of what we have, reduce the waste in landfills and create Joy in the Heart!! 

Artable Curiosisties is a long time dream for me and I am ready to hit the ground running so I hope you too will hit the ground cleaning out your stash. 

What's the point you ask?  Sharing artable materials in a low cost way that reduces the landfill waste, and inspires artistry, creativity and innovation without breaking the bank. Remember that dollar the woman never got, well let's put our dollars to better use and prove to my dad that money does grown on trees.. at least the kind we will make.. right??

Artable Curiosities is now accepting donations of clean, reusable materials that can be used for creative and innovative projects.  Almost everyone has unwanted items that can be used for projects. Whether it be from a project you've finished, a ridiculous amount of expensive supplies from college or a sewing kit from a loved one, you're not alone. Maybe you have left over party supplies, an abundance of office supplies, or other items that would end up in the land fill and you would rather see it go to good use. Free yourself of the burden of storing things and inspire creativity by donating them to us. You can reduce the environmental impact, support your community, and clean out your own closets and drawers. It is a win - win situation for everyone!! 

These materials will be made available to those who need them, teachers, homeschool educators, artists and education groups that create joy through ART!!!

Visit to view the list of items we are accepting and those we can’t take. 

Contact me for a time to meet to accept your donations! 

And please share with your friends who need to clean out or are looking for supplies.