Queen Alectra & Her Princess

Earth Day Project

The shop is open and what a wonderful suprise to be offered the oppurtunity to create something for the Earth Day Auction.  

The Guadalupe Valley Habitat for Humanity Restore asked me if I would like to create a piece from items in their store to be auctioned off at the Earth Day event.  

It is not the norm to go hit up the habititat restore to create a one of a kind piece so it was super fun to roam the shelves out in the back for items.  The piece that started my uncommon thought was an electrical plug. It was round with a longer rectangluar bottom.  A bird came to mind and I started looking for wings, a beak and then a substraten - it all started coming together.  I found a handle from a bathroom faucet, a rusty large bolt, a one of a kind knob and then.. I found some metal squares with two rectangles in the middle. WINGS!!  Them are wings.. well not exactly but when you break the rectangle off they became wings.   Door strops for feet and two metal ring like things for small from wings.. I am clueless as to what they really are????  I scrounged for a few more pieces to build a next.   There were some tile pieces that looked like they needed a home and since they had clear ones I figured I would give them a try. 

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It took me a couple of weeks of "thinking" and building to get it where I wanted it.  And lots of "glue".. spent a couple of hours sanding off the hardened glue on my fingers..  yea yea.. gloves were not an option.. 

 My daugther had a pair of eye lashes that she was going to throw away.. OH yea.. give my queen a little sass..  Funny how things just popup when you need them.. right??

 Once the bird was formed the nest became the focal point.  Wire, screws, old nails, hooks, a magent with a crown from denmark, a plastic number "2", a few fallen wings and the crem della crem.. an old kraft mustard jar lid.   sweet..  but where was the princess? Queen Alectra is a mother bird.. she has to have an heir to her thrown.. 

Can you find the princess?  I ask several people, most were clueless.. Till I reminded them "she is an electrical plug".. what would her princess be?

Did you find her???

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 Stop by the shop before the 27th and see her in person, or better yet, bid on her on the 30th and support the Guadalupe County Habitat for Humanity Re-Store!