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  • WHAT is "The Impact Project"

    "The Impact Project" - A Free Teacher Reuse Center is a specialized facility that provides educators with access to a wide range of free or low-cost teaching materials, supplies, and resources. The goal is to support teachers in their efforts to create engaging and effective learning environments without the financial burden of purchasing these materials out of their own pockets.

    Here are some key features and activities of a Free Teacher Reuse Center:

    1. Material Collection and Sorting:
    2. The center collects and organizes donated or surplus educational materials, including classroom supplies, books, teaching aids, and learning resources.
    3. Inventory Management:
    4. Maintains an organized inventory system, making it easy for teachers to browse and select the materials they need for their classrooms.
    5. Teacher Registration:
    6. Provides a system for teachers to register at the center, allowing them to access the available resources.
    7. Specialized Resources for Different Subjects:
    8. Provides resources tailored to various subjects and grade levels, ensuring that teachers can find materials relevant to their specific teaching needs.
    9. Arts and Crafts Supplies:
    10. Supplies a variety of art materials, allowing teachers to incorporate creative expression into their lessons.
    11. Literacy and Reading Materials:
    12. Provides books, reading resources, and literacy tools to promote a love for reading and improve literacy skills in students.
    13. Community Outreach and Partnerships:
    14. Collaborates with local businesses, schools, and educational organizations to expand the reach and impact of the center's resources and services.
    15. Volunteer Opportunities:
    16. Engages volunteers to help with tasks such as sorting, organizing, and assisting teachers in selecting materials.
    17. Feedback and Improvement:
    18. Seeks feedback from teachers to continually improve the center's offerings and services, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of educators.

    By providing a Free Teacher Reuse Center, communities support educators and help them create enriching learning experiences for their students. This initiative helps alleviate the financial burden on teachers while promoting sustainability and resourcefulness in education. It also strengthens the sense of community and collaboration among educators and the broader educational community.

    WHY are we passionate about this project?

    Did you know that our EDUCATORS use their own funds for materials in their classroom? Budget cuts reduce what they have to supply their classroom. Even with our store being a low cost shop they still are taking money out of their own pockets. We have an abundance of materials that annually end up in the landfill or for sale when they should be made affordable for our educators to use to teach the next generation.

    It really is simple.. GIVE IT BACK.. PAY IT FORWARD.

    HOW do I get materials if I am an Educator?

    Bring you school ID and an email so that we can add you to the growing list of certified teachers that are obtaining material for their classroom for FREE.

    You will download and app and use teh barcode system to purcure your items and check out. So simple!

    What we are hoping is that when you have materials you no longer are using or need you will donate them to the next teacher who can use them. Reducing the "storage" you have to do to be sure you have what you need.


    Our goald is to build a mindfield with you and not a landfill.


    Thank yo ufor all you do to educate the next generation!! We appreciate you!!

  • How It Works

    Where do you come in?


    Purchase or Donate

    We have a list of items that have been vetted by Educators to be what they need and it changes when they tell us they are looking for something.


    Check out our List of Materials


    Drop them by Artable Curiosities Thur-Sat 10-5 and tell us you want them to go to educators!


    Contact us to help with picking up your donations.



    You can help with sorting, organizing, maintaining the inventory, and by sharing our misison with others. It is all about the work of mouth!! SHARE IT!


    Contact us to discuss how you can be of help.


    Monetary Donation

    Maybe you don't have materials but you want to see the project grow and provide what SOUTH TEXAS Educators need.

    Financial donations are tax-deductbile because we are a 501(c)3 organizaiton. We have a list of needs to operate as well.


    We need a building for a designated store front.


    Contact us to discuss how you can be of help.

  • List of SUGGESTED Materials

    Pipe cleaners
    Googly eyes
    Fabric scraps
    Scrapbook paper
    Decorative tape
    Surplus building materials/supplies 

    Command hooks 

    Curtain rods 

    Ziplock bags 

    Picture wire
    Jingle bells
    Holiday bags 

    Stamp pads 

    Decorative scissors 

    Thumb tacks Hammer



    Paper towel holders 

    Decorative boxes 

    Photo frames 

    Shoe boxes
    Containers w/lids

    Drawer organizers 


    Wood lettering 

    Sticky pads 

    Key hooks 

    Label makers 


    Pocket charts 


    Clothes clips 


    Cookie cutters
    Brown paper sacks
    Colored cups
    Pen/pencil cup holders
    Rulers / Yardsticks 

    Large Bulletin Board Material

    Velcro fasteners
    Paper lesson planners’ 

    Daily planners
    Note cards
    Paper clips
    Comfy seats
    Laminator pouches 

    Paper cutters
    Card stock paper 

    Hand sanitizer
    Paper towels 

    Self-inking date stamps 

    Staple removers
    3-hole punch 

    Self-sticking easel pads 

    Dry-erase boards
    Dry erase markers 



    Golf balls
    Tennis balls 

    Board games 

    Bulletin boards 

    Calendar boards 

    Foam boards 


    Graph paper 

    Clasp rings 

    Measuring cups 

    Education posters 

    Clean rugs 

    Welcome signs 


    Mr./Mrs. Potato Head 

    Name tags
    Avery labels 


    Styrofoam balls
    Styrofoam cups
    Paper plates
    Toy bins
    Happy meal toys
    Bean bag chairs
    Music instruments
    Play money

    Play sand Putty

    Binder clips 

    Duct tape / any color 


    Plastic bins
    Glue dots
    Bluetooth speakers 


    Binder dividers
    File folder organizers 

    Magnetic pocket charts Caddies
    File crates
    Binder rings

    Jagged edge scissors 


    Folders Bowls 



    Staple remover
    Playing cards
    Left over Paint
    Left-over Boards/

    Red Pens

    Black/Blue Pens

    Pencils w/ erasers/

    Whiteboard cleaner 

    Glue sticks 

    Motivational stickers 

    Painter’s tapeSnap cubesFoam dice Inflatable balls 


    Lunch bag for the teacher 

    Water bottle for the teacher 

    Party banner paper Toothpicks