• Creative People + Reuse Materials

    = a match made at the heART


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  • Workshops & Skill Share Moments

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    Workshops & Skill Share Moments


    Your discount weekend dates: Feb 28- Mar 2nd! If you are not an Arty's Friend you can be.. Ask in the shop!!



    The Shop for you is OPEN!!! WHOOP!! and we are excited to provide you materials from BOTH SHOPS for FREE always!!!!


    We will be closed SATURDAY MARCH 30th to allow our volunteers to enjoy the Easter Weekend.




    Thursdays in the Maker Space - Imaginaria (crafter/artists). we are starting a new way of crafting with us. - Each month there will be doing types of craft opportunities. They will change each month, to be in on what you want to learn you need to join us each month.. You will have the opportunity to do each craft.

    This month (March 7th) crafting: Stamps, Gelli Plate, & Artist Trading Cards


    March 22nd - Broken Glass Resin Workshop $20.00 6:00pm




    March 9 - Resin Suncatchers - 5 and above $10.00

    March 23 - Reuse Flowers - Bonnye Manning will join us to learn about creating art with reuse materials. Creating flowers what you would usually throw away. - $5.00




    Third Thursdays each month: We will be at Austin Street Market hosting a workshop for families. This month we are partnering with Florabuelas Flower Farm. Make n Take a plant in a repurpose material. $5.00 covers materials and plant.


    Spring Greetings Artisan & Garden Show March 16th : We will be creating Art with Children and I will be speaking about "Reuse before Recycling"

    (don't miss it).. 

  • Seguin's Innovative Creative Maker Space

    The Imaginarium is a Maker Space that inspires Innovation, Creative problem solving skills and a varity of art forms whether it is our event or yours.

    Contact us for how to use the space.

  • What is the Imaginarium all about??

    The Imaginarium - A maker space that is a family-focused studio that provides a space for creativity, learning, people of all shapes and sizes.


    1. Inclusive Space: The studio is welcoming to people of all ages and skill levels. It is a comfortable and inviting environment that accommodates children, teenagers, adults, and seniors.

    2. Diverse Art Activities: Offering a wide range of art activities and mediums to cater to various interests and skill levels.

    3. Individual and Family Workshops: Workshops are specifically designed for individuals or families to participate in together.

    4. Age-Appropriate Activities: Age-appropriate activities and materials for children, ensuring they have opportunities to explore their creativity in a safe and supervised environment.

    5. Flexible Scheduling: Offering flexible scheduling options to accommodate different members' availability, including weekends, evenings, and school holidays.

    6. Qualified Instructors: Providing an experienced instructors who are skilled at working with a diverse range of ages and abilities.

    7. Supplies and Equipment: Having a well-stocked studio with a variety and quality of art supplies and equipment.

    8. Clean and Safe Environment: Striving to maintain a clean and safe studio space, especially when working with children.

    9. Parental Involvement: Encourage parents and caregivers to actively participate in the art-making process alongside their children.

    10. Gallery Space: The a gallery area will be for anyone to display their completed artwork to sharing with others.

    11. Community Outreach and Partnerships: Engaging with the local community by offering outreach programs, collaborating with schools, or partnering with other family-oriented organizations.

    12. Feedback and Evaluation: Soliciting feedback from families to continuously improve the studio's offerings.

    13. Marketing and Promotion: Use various channels, including social media, local advertising, and community events, to promote your studio and attract families to participate.

    The Imaginarium studio is not only about creating art but also about creating memorable experiences and strengthening connections through creativity.