Rebirth 2022

I really feel like we are being rebirthed today. We signed a lease for a space for 1 year. It has been such a beautiful journey, with hills and valleys, mountains and streams. Isn't that how life is????

On August 29th we recieved our Non-Profit Status. That journey for me was longer than neccessary, I didn't grasp the process. However I too believe it happended when it should have. Just yesterday we signed a leased on a 900 sq foot space. It has a storefront, workshop space and small storage. It is so exicting to think that we have a home!! We gave a couple of places in the city a try, learned a few lessons about size needed and trusting others. Nothing is of waste!

So where are we going you ask now?? Well we are ramping up to be the premier "ReUse" Center in Seguin Texas. We will host a grand opening Oct. 29th. However we are accepting donations by appt. until that day. You will be able to drop off donations on our open hours as well.

You ask "what do you do with the proceeds"?? Well of course we are a small startup so we do use those at this time to cover expenses. However, we do support teachers, educators and other non-profits. We have already donated to 15 teachers materials they needed for school, we have donated materials to help support special needs programs and we are putting into place our donating policy. We also have partnered with NAMI of Guadalupe County to promote Art Exploration. We are looking for partnerships and places we can be of support. ALL before we becoming a Non-Profit, so keep your eyes open and see where we go NOW!

Would your organization like to know more about what we are doing, maybe they want to support our mission and help us grow. We would love the oppurtunity to speak and share not only our misison but how they can be of help either in material or monetary ways. Creating a community that understands Reuse-Repurpose and helps Reduce the landfill waste is a community job!