• Inspiring Artistry, Creativity & Innovation 

    by reImagining waste into value

    Grow Creativity, Build Community, Encourage Conservation


    by partnering with other organizations in the community to support education.


    by hosting accessible hands-on workshops in the community for all ages.

    by providing low-cost materials to be used by individuals whose desire is to create.


    by supporting local artists.


    by applying uncommon thinking to our presence and participation.



    by creating an inclusive space that inspires artistry, curiosity, innovation.


    by cultivating relationships with activities that strengthen community relationships.


    by investing in people, their personal, creative, and professional growth.


    by meaningful contribution to the community through participation in events that promote environmental sustainability through creative conservation..



    by influencing thoughts about consumption and reuse.


    by expressing care for nature, the earth and people.


    by increasing community awarness about reuse and it's accessibility.


    by accepting donations of materials preceived to be waste and offering them to the community from a standpoint of creative exploration.