• Our Mission:


    To Inspire Artistry, Creativity, Innovation by reImagining waste in to value.


    We are a non-traditional art supplier, where business and individuals can donate used traditional and non-tradition materials and supplies, in turn customers can shop for low cost supplies as well as unique artable materials.

    By diverting reusable waste from the landfill we are able to share the abundance of materials in a way that promotes creative conservation.

    We "reuse" as a vehicle for guiding, preserving, protecting while creating opportunities through the use of creativity.

    We facilitate, share and educate in ways that promote wellbeing and living in abundance.

    We want to ensure that income and budgets are not barriers to creativity and that all people and programs have access to creative materials.

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    Grow Creativity


    The Biggest Little Secrect is OUT. The shop is FULL of great stuff and the store front is open!!!


    Although it is small it will be full of materials and supplies. It will change very often and we are super excited. The store is located at 420 N. Austin St. Seguin Texas 78155.


    We are OPEN -

    Thursday 10:00am - 6:00pm

    Friday. 10:00am - 3:00pm

    Saturday 10:00am - 3:00pm


    We are abundantly excited be open and sharing with others!!


    Watch soon for our ON-LINE Store with items that can be shipped or picked up directly from the store front during our open hours.


    reImagine gallery

    Build Community

    Third Thursday : May 19th -

    INTRO TO GELLI ART - Printing with Found Objects - at the shop 5-7pm


    Margarita Madness in Downtown Seguin

    Downtown Seguin Business Event - 4:00-8:00pm


    NAMI FAMILY FUN DAY: Visit our booth on the square May 14th !



    Learn more about what Creative Reuse is and how you can be part of extending the life of materials by creating a circular economy!! And have some fun!!



    reImagine Artist Gallery


    Do you create art with artable materials? Is 75% of what you create made from items you have either purchased from a non-traditional source, created from scratch or totally repurposed items? We want to share your creations.


    We support "ReImagine Artists" through our gallery, social media and local events .

    There is something about sharing what you made and how you made it with others that connects people and inspires them.

    We are not at this time selling your pieces, we are sharing you as an artist. If you want some exposure we would love to do that for you.


    As we get set up there will be a small amount of space in the new shop for guest artists.


    Email us for more information on how to be a guest on in our Gallery, on social media and when we attend events to promote creative conservation through reuse.

    Artable Curiosities Supports the Community!

    teacher, nonprofit or art educator

    We give back to the community through You!


    As partner in the community we are dedicated to support your mission and doing it in such away that the burden of cost is reduced and the circular economy of materials is increased.


    Each month we donate materials that are valued at least 2% of our monthly sales to the community.


    Stop by the shop or email us how we can be of most support for your mission.

    Encourage Conservation

    creative conservation through art

    Conservation itself is the act of preserving, guarding and protecting. To add creativity to the process would be to use a range of ways & thinking critically about conservation issues and their communication through visual Art.


    At Artable Curiosities we believe we bring creative conservation to the outcome of the items that have a day to purpose but often loose that purpose due to common thinking.


    By bringing together what was once valued by others into a collective space we can encourage the "ReImagining of Waste".


    We can then encourage putting on thinking caps and using critical thinking skills to reImagine the item as a piece or part of Art.


    Watch for our social media lives, store chat's, and our place in the community where we inspire conservation from a creative standpoint!


    Uncommon thinkers reuse what common thinkers refuse. - J.R.D. Tata

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