1381C E. College St.

    Seguin Texas 78155


    Our Impact on the Community

    We tackle two big issues in our community - Waste Output by Industry and Individuals and the lack of resources for our schools.

    Solution - Creative Reuse

    Diverting waste from the landfill and filling the mind field.

    By providing Educators, Artists and others materials donated by industry and individuals that can be reused and making them affordable currently through an on-line shop, vendor markets and personal shopping events.


    Connecting educators to surplus materials and working to help them implement curriculum that enhances creative conservation in the classroom and beyond.


    Participating in community outreach programs that educate the public about the importance of reducing waste through reuse.


    Providing both practical and creative ways to repurpose materials in everyday life.

  • inspiring artistry, creativity, and innovation by reimagining waste into value

    a 501(C)3 organization

    Growing Creativity 

    To grow creativity by providing a unique approach to art within the Guadalupe Count - Seguin Texas community through education, partnerships and low cost materials. 

    Build Community  

    To build community by facilitating the exchange of creative reuse ideas and materials along with meaningful contributions to the community through participation in events that promote environmental sustainability.

    Encourage Conservation

    To encourage conservation by increasing awareness as to what is reusable and accepting donated materials from individuals and industry.
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