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    1381C E. College St.

    Seguin Texas 78155

    Thursday - Saturday 10 am - 5 pm


    Creative people + ReUse Materials = a match made at the heART!

    Contributing to the mind field not the landfill


    As a Collaborative Creative Reuse Center we are dedicated to promoting and facilitating the reimagining, repurposing, and creative reuse of materials. We serve as a hub for individuals, artists, educators, and community members to come together, share resources, and engage in collaborative projects that give new life to discarded or underutilized items.


    Here are some key features and activities of a Artable Curiosities


    1. Material Collection and Sorting:

    The center collects a wide range of materials, such as art supplies, textiles, paper, wood, plastics, and more, that can be creatively repurposed.

    2. Inventory Management

    The center sells and an inventory of available materials, making it easy for visitors to find and select items for their projects.

    3. Workspaces and Studios:

    Provides workspaces, studios, and tools for members to use, allowing them to transform collected materials into new creations.

    4. Educational Workshops and Classes: THE IMAGINARIUM

    Offers a variety of workshops, classes, and skill-building sessions that teach creative reuse techniques, providing opportunities for learning and skill development.

    5. Community Events and Gatherings:

    Hosts events, meet-ups, and gatherings to foster a sense of community, encourage collaboration, and showcase the creative potential of reused materials.

    6. Upcycling and DIY Projects: THE IMAGINARIUM

    Provides resources and guidance for individuals and groups working on upcycling and do-it-yourself projects using materials from the center.

    7 Environmental Education and Outreach:

    Educates visitors and the community about the benefits of creative reuse, sustainability, and the reduction of waste through workshops, presentations, and outreach efforts.

    8. Educators Resource Program: The IMPACT Project

    Facilitates the exchange of materials among certified educators, creating a sustainable cycle of reuse within the education community.

    9. Collaborations with Families, Schools, and Educational Institutions: THE IMAGINARIUM

    Partners with families, local schools, and educational organizations to provide resources, workshops, and programs that support creative reuse in educational settings.

    10. Community Partnerships:

    Collaborates with local businesses, environmental organizations, and other community groups to expand resources, reach a broader audience, and enhance the impact of the center's initiatives.

  • What We Do

    connecting to our community through ART & CLASSROOM

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    by providing a unique approach to art to Guadalupe County and through out Texas by providing art exploration workshops and events, providing low cost materials to the community and providing Teachers with materials needed in the classroom at no cost to them.

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    by serving as a valuable resource for the community, promoting sustainability, creatvitiy, and resourcefulness. We encourage individuals to think creatively about materials, fostering a culture of innovation and environmental stewardship. Additionally, it contributes to a more sustainable and mindful approach of consupmption and creation within the community

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    by increasing awareness to materials having a purpose beyond the inital manufactured use by accepting materials from both industry and individuals and providing oppurtunites to explore art in different forms.